Every house needs repairs. No matter how well cared for a house may be, there will be some repair or adjustment issues. Plus, there is no way the property inspector will wrap up his inspection without something to report.

 Even if the property is new or near new, a home inspection is still likely to turn up a list of repairs. An older home, of course, will likely generate a longer laundry list of repair items. Newer homes may have code violations, faulty installations of fixtures or other mistakes that can occur during construction.

On the inspection report some items will be safety issues, some, code violations. Dry rot, missing roof tabs or tiles, hot and cold reversals in the plumbing system should be addressed even if they are not a threat to safety.

We’re Qualified

BlueLine is a General Contractor, as well as a Plumbing Contractor. Why hassle with multiple contractors and their crews when you can deal with one qualified contractor? Electrical, plumbing, HVAC, swimming pools, etc. If it’s on your inspection report, we can get it crossed off. For less and on time.

Please contact Blueline for a walk-through of your property’s punch list.

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